Heroes of the Storm Heroes for Newbies

Heroes of the Storm Characters for Newbies
Photo source: starcraft.wikia.com

Starting a MOBA is easy, the only tricky parts of it are finding the character for you and mastering the game. Plus, MOBAs are one of those games better played in a gaming laptop since you can play it everywhere, especially with a group of friends. Learning the basics would be difficult if you end up with a character that’s hard to play. You’d spend more time figuring out the new character as opposed to getting familiar with the basics. Get the hang of the game with an easy to use character so you can understand all the other aspects of the game. Once you know the game like the back of your hand, you can easily transition into learning a new hero.

Here is a list of beginner difficulty heroes for each role, in case you want to learn a particular role right off the bat.

Assassin Hero for Beginners: Raynor

Assassin Hero for Beginners - Raynor
Photo source: heroesofthestorm.wikia.com

Jim Raynor is one of the main characters from the Starcraft series. Raynor is the hero you start with during the tutorial missions of the game. And for good reason. Raynor is a pretty straight-forward hero. He shoots quick and nasty damage. He empowers allies and creeps. He’s not as soft as other assassin heroes because he’s able to heal himself. Even his Ultimate is pretty strong. It’s a lane attack that shoots everything in its path, perfectly complementing his damaging talents. He’s easy to learn, and you’d probably end up making him your primary assassin character, or even overall.

Warrior Hero for Beginners: Diablo

Warrior Hero for Beginners - Diablo
Photo source: heroesfire.com

The main bad guy of the game that was named after him. Diablo in HotS is one of the better and simpler warrior heroes in the game. He’s tough, has high health, and his talents range from crowd control to one-on-one combat. But since he’s a warrior-type, he fights via hand-to-hand combat, but it teaches you to get used to it. Melee combat has a tendency to intimidate new players, but once you get the hang of it, you will get hooked on being at the frontline of battle.

Support Hero for Beginners: LiLi

Support Hero for Beginners - LiLi
Photo source: us.battle.net

Starting with a Support hero is a brave choice. They can’t do a lot of damage nor can they handle it. That said, they do make sure that their party survives even the toughest of scraps. Almost all support heroes have at least one heal spell and a lot of buff spells that can turn the tide against your opponent. And no one teaches you the fundamentals better than LiLi. A character from World of Warcraft is one of the best healers in the game that teaches you the necessity of having one in a team. Plus, most of her talents are auto-targeting so you can learn how to keep calm under pressure and learn to micro-manage, which support heroes tend to do.

Specialist Hero for Beginners: Zagara

Specialist Hero for Beginners - Zagara
Photo source: us.battle.net

Right off the bat, it’s recommended to start HotS with an assassin or warrior class, even a support. Most specialists are a little on the advanced side because they fill a particular task in the game. So they aren’t as damaging as assassins or tanky-like warriors. That said, if you really want to start with a specialist, Zagara is your gal. The Mother of the Brood is another from the Starcraft series. Her specialty is laning. She is good at pushing her lane against the opponents. All her talents allow her to summon special creeps that overwhelm the generic creeps of the other side and even help attack turrets. Now this doesn’t mean she can’t fight on her own; she can be a best, but Zagara is best-suited to do what she does best and harass her lane.


These are just recommendations; you might find other characters that would be easier to handle. These heroes are commonly suggested to new players. If you will get into HotS, it’s better played as a group. Even if there is a way to find people to play with online, playing with friends makes the whole experience better. So invite your friends, pack your gaming laptop, find a common area with good Internet, and enjoy. Maybe you can even teach your friends who are new to it.

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