What the World Would Be Like If Gaming Laptops Didn’t Exist


What if gaming laptops didn’t exist? How would gaming turn out? What would happen to the future of portable gaming?

Gaming laptops have been an essential part of the gaming industry. They offer the portability that gaming desktops could never give to users. Its compact size makes it easy to handle. You can travel any part of the world and take it with you, allowing you to play your favorite games anywhere you want.

So imagine if we cancel the gaming laptop out of the picture. You’ll probably be stuck with the following:

● You’ll stay too long sitting on the computer chair, using your desktop, and get muscle cramps. Oh no, cramps!!
● You won’t be able to play your PC on the bed when you get all lazy. Lazy bum problems!
● You won’t be able to take your gaming laptop on holiday vacations. How would you even call that a vacation?
● You won’t be able to take your desktop to a friend’s house and play a multiplayer game with them. How lonely would that be?
● You won’t be able to hang out in coffee shops while playing DotA 2. But I celebrate my Penta kills with a cup of choco chip cream!
● And lastly, you’d be stuck in your room until you finish the game. For God knows how long?!

See? Gaming laptops are essential. They are created to make our gaming lives easier. It allows us to go to places, meet people, do random stuff and still be able to run and play the games we like. They are easy to use and provide you the option to enjoy the latest games without the need of a desktop PC.

Photo Source: MemeGenerator.net

Plus, compared to desktop PCs, gaming notebooks are typically better. They have fast processors, feature engaging designs and have higher quality audio. And the fact that they are compact makes them even better. Using notebook computers for gaming purposes has been a growing trend in the last decade. Although a majority of users believe desktop is the first choice for handling PC games, many enthusiast gamers still see laptops as the best way to enjoy demanding games.

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