5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Gaming Laptop

Sager NP9870 Notebook
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Like gaming PCs, laptops need to be optimized if you want to get the best out of them. That’s why here are five easy ways to boost your gaming laptop. Just follow this steps to improve the performance of your gizmo.

  • Upgrade to the latest drivers

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Nvidia and ATI release driver updates to improve the performance of their video cards. Make sure to install the latest drivers to improve your laptop’s performance.

  • Overclock your GPU

GPU Overclock
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Overclocking your GPU is a surefire way to boost your laptop. But not all laptops can be overclocked. But if the model of your gaming laptop allows you to then I suggest you do it. Experiment and find the maximum stable setting. You can also adjust the speed of your system fan.

  • Upgrade your SSD

Samsung SSD
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SSD are technically faster than your average hard disk. Although upgrading to SSD may not specifically boost your laptop, it will reduce the load time in your game. Check this guide on how to upgrade your notebook’s hard drive to SSD from LaptopMag.com.

  • Adjust the 3D Graphics Setting

Graphics Control Panel
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Notebooks nowadays allow users to tweak their laptop’s 3D setting through the Graphic Properties. Adjust the setting to enhance your laptop’s gaming performance. Pick performance over quality to boost your notebook’s speed.

  • Install CCleaner

CC Cleaner
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CCleaner is a useful program that gets rid of unwanted registry items. It also disables any unnecessary startup items. These programs and applications can take up memory and slow your laptop. You can also use third-party game boosters like IObit’s Razer Game Booster.

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