Victorious Maokai Confirmed to be 2016’s Season Ranked Reward Skin

Victorious maokai on league of legends
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RioT has officially announced via the rewards for Season 6, including the Victorious Maokai skin. And yes, people, we’re going to see our Twisted Treant in blue and gold branches. The skin first made a scene when it was posted in the Chinese League and Legends website.

As usual, the Victorious skin is a reward for players who place in gold or above during this ranked season. Players with Gold to Master ranks will get Victorious Maokai along with a Summoner Icon, Banner Trim, loading screen border, and invite and friend request flair. While Challenger players will also get the following along with exclusive physical rewards designed for 2016 as a bonus.

Ranked tier rewards on league of legends
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Maokai is a top-laner often picked as a reliable tank and offers a team wide damage reduction. His abilities Vengeful Maelstrom and Sap Magic are what make him a hard champion to kill during team fights. While his Twisted Advance is an effective way to initiate a clash or team fight when ganking. Although Maokai may not be a popular champion to boot, his skill kit still provides lots of damage and assist in a team. In Season 6, Maokai fell off a top-lane pick but showed a pretty strong role during the start of the season.

Maokai on league of legends
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Maokai will share the same Victorious skin as Jarvan, Janna, Elise, Morgana and Sivir. Riot also confirmed that if you don’t own this champion, you will automatically get it along with the Victorious Skin reward. The 2016 Ranked Season ends the night of November 7, so make sure to get all your ranked games ready before it ends.

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