League of Legends Best Support Champions

League of Legends Supports
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Supports can hold the ground of your team’s victory during a ranked match. That’s why MOBA players know their importance and how crucial it is to pick the perfect champion to support your team. With that said, we’re naming eight of the best support champions in the League of Legends champion roster.

Sona – Maven of the Strings

Sona - Maven of the Strings.
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Sona is a controller and mage who usually goes with the Marksman or ADR champion in the bottom lane. Her auras are very useful in supporting her allies especially with her Aura of Perseverance, an ability that can heal herself and the most wounded allied champion near her. And don’t forget her last skill, Crescendo, which can deal damage and stun enemies along its path — a game-altering ability, I must say.

Blitzcrank – The Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Golem
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Blitzcrank is a favorite among players. His ability to grab a target (Rocket Grab) and pull it to him is the most effective way to initiate any team fight or clash. Try using Rocket Grab to pull an enemy near the allied tower during the early game and immediately followed it with his skill, Power Fist, and watch how easy it is to turn the tides of battle on your side.

Zyra – Rise of the Thorns

Zyra - Rise of the Thorns
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Zyra otherwise known as League of Legends Poison Ivy is a great crowd control mage to use in a ranked match. She doesn’t only work as a great support due to her Seeds being able to grant vision to your team across the map, her skill set is also made to make her a great ambusher. Look for opportunities to establish a trap of seeds in the brush to lure your enemies in and gang up with your team to take the kill.

Janna – The Storm’s Fury

Janna - The Storm’s Fury
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Janna is another controller mage and is one of the first champions of League of Legends. She is best known for her ultimate skill called Monsoon which can push enemies away and heal any wounded ally in her range. It serves as a great crowd control and can easily save your allies from an unexpected team fight.

Thresh – The Chain Warden

Thresh - The Chain Warden
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Thresh is both a fighter and controller champion, which makes her a strong support to start with. Try building him as a tank, and see his full potential as a support. His powerful combinations are his first skill Death Sentence and third skill Flay. His ultimate ability, The Box, works great in securing the kill.

Braum – The Heart of the Frejlord

Braum - The Heart of the Frejlord
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Braum is a tank and controller who works well with protecting his allies thanks to his unbreakable shield. Just remember that when using this big guy, you must learn how to work with your allies and stack up on your skill, Concussive Blows. And always save the day by using your skill “Leap” in front of squishy allies and shield them from incoming projectiles or attack with the Unbreakable skill.

Morgana – The Fallen Angel

Morgana - The Fallen Angel
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Morgana is another mage controller with an effective skill set that can ensure the survivability of her teammates. Learn how to execute her ability Black Shield; this can determine the outcome of a clash and team fights. Tormented Soil, on the other hand, works well in farming especially if you are left alone in the lane to fend for yourself.

Soraka – The Starchild

Soraka was once a celestial being who gave her immortality to enter the world of mortals and fight evil. Soraka is one of the most powerful allies in battle due to her skill set and her ultimate, Wish, which can heal all allied champions from across the map. This allows Soraka to save her allies from any fatal events even without being in range.

League of Legends is one of the most famous multiplayer online battle arena video game as of the moment. It is developed by Riot and can be download for PCs and gaming laptops.

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